Send your real postcard for only USD 1.49 worldwide


The easy way … Create custom postcards with your own photos:
… to make your photos the main attraction of your postcard. 1. Just choose a template from our design packages.
… to share your personal moments with your friends and family. 2. Place your photo in the template and write your text or greeting.
… to mail your postcard from your phone with the postcard app. 3. Confirm your order and we will print and mail your personal postcard for you.


Simple, Quick and Creative – with postcard apps

Postcard Plus lets you simply take photos of magic moments with your iPhone or iPad anywhere an send these – embedded in a professional and well designed template – to your friends and family.

With our unique and simple app which is available for free in the Appstore this is the cheapest way of sending a Postcard around the whole world.

Sending postcards during the holidays has been centralized in all people’s lives. Because of this you should choose our most creative and also the cheapest, fastest and easiest way of sending it. The best thing about Postcard Plus+ is that the people who see this postcards in their postbox will be surprised about it and be extremely happy because its a official postage stamp on the back of each.

If you are asking yourself why you should chose us and no other app then click here. We describe in this blog what makes us unique and special. If you read this short blog you will recognize that we are the only one with this kind of services and features.

You will fall in love with this app.


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